Monday, April 24, 2017

attempting a new type of poetry

Part 1

Can you guess what has bested me today?
An unmeasurable power
bound only by those who choose to see it bound.
It’s weightless as it seeps through a set of teeth
only to settle 
and crush any hearts that have been let off their leash.


Part 2

I’ve decided to bequeath this day to you.
Even rodents and scavengers deserve their day of glory.
swift is the passing of the sun from crest to crest,
swifter is my retribution. 
Yes, you have won this day,
but even as you read this your glory fades..
seconds have passed and
I have stolen each one of them from you
using that same unmeasurable power.


GREEN MACHINE- Banana-less smoothie

-1/2 avocado 
-frozen cauliflower (prob 3/4 cup... I eyeball it)
-3 or 4 dates
-1 tbsp chlorophyll
@vitalproteins collagen powder
- nut milk of choice (I used water, but I think a nut milk will be better!)
- liquid stevia (I put 10 drops, but add as much or little as you like!)

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

A Choir of Animals

watercolor Tattoo | watercolor tattoo #tattoo #watercolor #artist unlisted:

why don’t we wear our beasts upon our heads
like festive furs for the world to see
because once we have been decorated
in our own depravity
made our missteps into music
from there
something lovely emerges
from those unhinged jaws
echoes our song
and it is our own to keep 

-K.V. Kenney

Monday, April 10, 2017

Experimenting with Sonnets..although I hate structure!

welcome love, to the wasteland and the wiles
oh won’t you sit beside and drink remains
of past dears and feast on silenced reconciles
 never will you taste such fruitful stains

let’s dance until you’ve ground your feet to dust
sip quick this wine and pray for its delight
your eyes a verdant green, fresh and free of lust
no shade finds home in those that bring you sight 

but smooth and sudden is the devilish grace
reveals a know in you unknown to me
a dazzling darkness plays about your face
then gone like wind on an unmoving sea

I reckon none intend to leave this game

never have two players been so same

Sunday, April 2, 2017

Land of Dreams

Each morning is the tacit foe that signifies our end
arrogant and gluttonous in its manner
thief of our light 
and now here it is,
drawing me away from my dreamy chasm.
my lips yearn to venture down your spinal cord again
blissfully lost amongst your edges
I’ll never let go of our ruffled sheets
never forget the pricking of each hair
tousled effortlessly into the chaos of our kisses
the symphony of our limbs
making music
I will find that place again
Even if I have to carve the sun from the sky
and pick its cosmic pieces from my flesh


-K.V. Kenney

Cali Dreamin

I have found a place amidst the wasteland of myself you can see straight through to the bottom clear, and bright like liquid sereni...